Blackmore Specialty Growing Trays/Carriers

Plants are certainly varied in their growth characteristics and requirements. The Blackmore selection of growing and carrier trays is designed to offer the grower a tray or trays to match that variety and also meet the demands of the market place. From pot carriers to watermatic to the landscaper tray series, Blackmore has a tray to fit almost any requirement. Our modern production facility has the capability to fulfill any size order.

Don’t see it here? We are constantly bringing new products on line, so if you don’t see it here give us a call. We might be starting to tool the tray(s) you need or be in a position to work with you to make the tray(s) for your production requirement. You may also go to the new products page for a listing of the newest trays.

We’ve been making horticultural containers since 1966.

Blackmore has the Specialty Trays and Carriers to get you growing!

As Blackmore is the manufacturer, you can be sure the price will be competitive. Blackmore can fill any order from one pallet, to one or more trailer loads. We ship anywhere in the world. Prices vary with the time of year (summer, fall and winter), resin costs, and quantity ordered. Typically summer prices (May thru Sept) are lowest. Some trays may not be available all year round.

All trays listed are made of #6 recyclable polystyrene.

Click here to go to the Specialty Tray listing where you may click on many of the trays to see an image. You may also request tray sample(s), but we ask that you fill out a questionnaire with more information about the size of your greenhouse operation to receive sample(s) if you are not already a Blackmore customer.

For more information and availability contact Scott Blackmore or Denise at or (800) 874-8660

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