Technical Tips to help you get the most out of your Blackmore Equipment.
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This section allows you to get information 24/7 about parts and attachments for your Blackmore equipment, and how to trouble shoot and service the equipment. Just click on the type of machine for which you need help then scroll down the list for that machine to find the item. We’ve tried to include everything you might need to know, but please contact us if you come across something we’ve forgotten.

In some cases as noted, parts are available from W.W. Grainger via or in Canada via so you can order directly or pick up at your local store to have parts quicker and avoid shipping costs.

If you have a Blackmore account you can contact us to use the form to order the parts online. If you don't have an account you must either call or provide a credit card number and expiration date with your email. Please include your phone number too. We do our very best to ship parts the same day for orders received by 3:30 Eastern Time, and can get parts out FedEx later than that, but you better be using Blackmore trays!

Sorry we do not list prices. Call or email if you need to know before ordering.

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Cylinder Seeder
Tech Tips
Calculating PLC Inputs
Calculating Common Inputs
Conveyor Belt Travel - PDF
Chain Installation
Cylinder Head Cleaning - PDF
Cylinder Head Operation Diagram - Normal
Cylinder Head Operation Diagram - Common Problems
Cylinder Head
Won't Reverse
Cylinder Head Won't Turn, A32 Error
Cylinder Head sows only four (4) rows.
Encoder Replacement
Hole Size to Seed Size ChartPDF
Low Vacuum Trouble Shooting
Marigold Sowing Kit
Seed Wipe-off KitPDF
Timing Wheel and Proximity Switch - PLC
Timing Wheel and Proximity Switch - Clutch/Brake
Quick Seed Recovery System
Seed Recovery Jar & Filters - Not Enough Vacuum - PDF
Seed Inventory Tray - Fuzzy End Replacement PDF
Turbo Seeder
Turbo/Needle/Gear Seeder Troubleshooting Guide
Drop Tube Assembly
Crating the Turbo Seeder (pdf)
Container Limit Switch (pdf)
Seeder Tune up Check List (PDF)
Parts List
Adjustment Chart
Cleaning Wires
Clutch Adjustment
Direct Sow Attachment
Direct Sow Instructions
Double Row Attachment
Drive Timing Wheel and Rod Connector Block CHART
Drive Spring Assembly
Electrical Schematic/Diagram NEW
Electrical Schematic/Diagram OLD
High Pressure Cleaning Automatic – Check Procedure
High pressure - Momentary
Hose Connection Diagram
Low Pressure Jar Blow Off – June 2002
Manifold list
Manifold to Seed Size Chart
Needle Cleaner Assembly Installation
Needle Cleaner Assembly
Needle Size Chart
Seed Tray Check Level
Setting the Top Pusher
Solenoid Valves
Sowing Tips
Timing Mark
Top Pusher Adjustment
Tech Tips
Trouble Shooting
Belt & Brush
Electirc Eye
Guide Rails
Electric Eye
Pan Height
Packing Roller
Special Applications
Media Selection & Prep
Filling Plug Trays
Conveyor Belt
"V" Drive Belts
Extension Installation
Regular Maintenance
Off Season Storage
Trouble Shooting
Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum Pump Home
Blow Them Clean
Avoid Condensation
Flushing Procedure
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Parts List & Picture

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