Turbo Seeder - Timing Mark & Top Pusher Adjustment

1) Slide the rod connector block so the drive linkage may be connected to it. At this point, decide which tray to sow. Refer to the chart and make any necessary setting changes. After connecting the linkage to the drive/timing wheel, again refer to the chart before placing the other end in the appropriate hole in the rod connector block. The take-away or #3 pusher is now properly set to index the tray.
2) Stop the seeder in the seed exhaust position. When using a plug tray that requires the #2-5 setting on the drive/timing wheel, the black timing arrows (one located on wheel, the other directly above the wheel) should be aligned or nearly so. If they are not, rotate the wheel until the marks are in line, making sure that the manifold position does not change [see picture below]. When using the #1 (200) setting on the wheel, the black timing marks should be opposite (i.e. the black mark on the wheel should be pointing down) when the manifold is in the seed exhaust position. If unable to realign the timing marks, refer to clutch adjustment in next section.

In the proper sequence, the tray advances and then the seeds are dropped. If the timing marks are not properly aligned, the tray will advance at the wrong time or be moving when the seed is dropped. That results in broadcast sowing and poor seed placement, or seed will be blown off the tips before the tray is in position.
Timing mark alignment with right hand while holding motor cam wheel with left hand.
3) Insert the tray into the machine until it is beneath the #3 pusher then pull it back so that the arms engage the plug cell wall. With the machine in the seed exhaust position and the #3 pusher arms against the cell wall, the cells in the tray should be centered beneath the drop tube (manifold in exhaust position). If they are not, check the settings on the drive/timing wheel, rod connector block and your timing mark alignment. Test-run the machine using only the #3 take-away pusher to check tray positioning beneath the drop tube.
4) Once the take-away pusher (#3) is properly indexing the tray, set the second (#2) pusher so that it is pushing on a cell wall just as is the #3. Ideally, it should be in the row just behind that row which will next be pushed beneath the drop tube. Cycle the machine to make sure that the pusher arms will not contact the drop tube when indexing the tray.
5) After the #3 and #2 pushers are set, position the #1 pusher. Run the machine to the seed exhaust position. Insert the tray so that the #2 pusher engages the first row of the tray. Test-run the machine to make sure the tray is properly indexed. The tray should be picked up by the #2 pusher in proper sequence with the #1 pusher. If they are not properly sequenced, the first pusher may move the tray a row and a half before it is picked up by the second pusher.
Refer to the chart when changing plug trays for any necessary drive/timing wheel or rod connector block settings. Once made, those settings will properly position the #3 pusher. The #2 pusher must be coordinated with the #3. Return to steps 3 through 5 to re-position pushers #1 and #2.

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