Turbo Seeder - Seed Tray Check Level

A quick measurement will tell you if the seed tray is parallel to the pick up manifold. If it is not, seed pick up on the manifold could be affected. It could even be that seeds are being crushed on one end of the manifold and not picked up on the other end. Measure the distance from the top surface of the big plate to the top of the seed tray plate as shown in the picture. It should be the same on both ends of the seed inventory tray. What the distance is isn’t as important as that it is equal. Expect it to be 13-15mm when the height knob is at zero.
If an adjustment is required, that is affected by the two bolts going through the rubber vibration mounts on top of the machine. The rubber mounts may sag differently after a period of time. Make sure the machine is level first by placing a small level on top of the vibrator plate. Loosen the jam nut on the bolt. Turning the bolt clockwise/counter-clockwise will raise/lower that side of the vibrator and conversely lower/raise the opposite corner of the seed tray plate. If you do make this adjustment, turn the bolt a quarter turn at a time, then check the results. A half a turn makes a big adjustment in the height of the seed inventory tray. The DIY Turbo Tuneup video takes you through this procedure hands-on.

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