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Calculating PLC Inputs
To determine center to center sow distances for PLC inputs you must carefully measure the tray and do some calculations. You can measure in inches and then change the fractions of an inch into the decimal equivalent, or to avoid having to make the fraction-to-decimal conversion, make the measurement in metric. It is easy to do if you have a metric scale.
It may also be easier if the tray is over turned and the measurement made drain hole to drain hole. Measure from the beginning of the first hole/ row to the beginning of the last hole/row on the tray. The example below is for the 512 CE tray, thus the 31 row figure (one less than the number of rows in the tray, since the eye determines when the head starts to place the first row). Thus for the 288 the number would be 23.
>>/ = Divided By
501.6MM / 25.4 mm/inches = 19.748
19.748 / 31 Rows = 0.637 inches is the PLC input (512 CE)
Using Inches

19 3/4"
Convert the 3/4 into decimal (3/4 = .750)
Combine that with the 19” and divide by the number of rows.
/ 31 rows = 0.637 inches is the PLC input (512 CE)
Common Inputs (top)
Dimensions for Common Blackmore Plug Trays
512CE = .637”
288CE = .850”
128 = 1.234”
200 = 1.000”
384 = 0.844”

Punch ‘n Gro™
432 = 0.55”
432 Deep = 0.74”
432 N = 0.67”
324 = 0.74”
324 N = 0.74”

Chain Installation (top)
The chain used is #25 stainless steel. It does not require lubrication. The chain must be of sufficient length so the idler arm is never more than parallel (three o’clock, see image below) with the conveyor belt, ideally somewhat lower, while still providing adequate tension. If sowing a deeper tray or direct sowing it may be necessary to add a few links to the chain or install a longer chain to maintain proper tension.
Idler Arm at 4 o’clock Position
Cylinder Head Operation Diagram – Normal and Common Problems (top)
Cylinder head sows only four (4) rows (top)
The operator has pushed the ENTER more than once, so the number of rows to sow has changed to 4 etc.  See below, from section V, PLC Instruction/operation of the Cylinder seeder manual

              CONVEYOR ON
              AUTO MODE ON
              PRESS “ENTER”

Screen 5

To preload, have the vacuum, compressor, vibrator, conveyor and “AUTO” switches on. Press “ENTER”. Seeder will load the cylinder with the proper rows and position. Seeding can now begin. Preload will run while in this screen only. Caution: When preloading, press “ENTER” only once. There is a slight delay from when the key is pressed and when the seeder loads. If the key is pressed a second time before the cylinder loads, it may change the number of rows to be seeded (to 4, 5, or 8 depending on the number of options on the cylinder head) and the “#ROWS IN TRAY” will have to be re-entered.

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