The Blackmore Company's Marigold Roller/Dibbler NXT

Marigold Model

One fact is without dispute; what is really expensive is poor quality or dead seedlings!

Many growers exclaim at the price of the Blackmore Roller/Dibbler, but even more testify that the results are worth the investment.

The Marigold Roller/Dibbler helps ensure that marigold seeds fall into the proper cell and grow there rather than rooting over.

The Marigold Roller/Dibbler NXT Model

Blackmore’s new marigold roller/dibbler has a blunt profile designed to depress the entire plug cell with a “square” dibble for more effective placement of larger seeds such as marigold, dahlia and zinnia. Previously a dibble for these seeds may have been accomplished by stacking/nesting trays and pushing them down to compress the soil, an effective yet tedious method, and certainly not one lending itself to inline operation. The new marigold roller/dibbler makes it possible to fill, dibble and sow large seeds in a continuous line for maximum efficiency.

The new dibbler may be made for most any tray, and is certainly recommended for Punch ‘n Gro™ trays as their design does not lend itself to the nest-and-compress method. The new Roller/Dibbler is simple, quick and efficient.


  • Mounts easily on the Blackmore cylinder and turbo/needle model seeders (support plate required for turbo/needle application).
  • Adapts to most automatic seeders.
  • Available for Blackmore or brand "X" trays

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