The Blackmore Company's Roller/Dibbler

One fact is without dispute; what is really expensive is poor quality or dead seedlings!

Many growers exclaim at the price of the Blackmore Roller/Dibbler, but even more testify that the results are worth the investment.

They call and tell us that the seeds are right in the center of the cells, and they can see it in the seedling house by looking down the rows of the plug trays.

    The Roller/Dibbler Return on Investment

    University research has shown that center placement of seeds in the cells increases seedling stands by up to 5%. Seeds germinating near the edge of a cell have a higher rate of mortality than those sprouting in the center. Although the Blackmore Roller/Dibbler may not attain the entire 5% better center placement, suppose it approaches half that or more. The question to ask yourself then is how much will you pay for a device that increases your plant out rate 2-3%.

    Growers are impressed with the results of the new Roller/Dibbler NXT designed to not “shovel” soil onto small seeds and provide a larger LZ for marigolds and other larger seeds.

    Center seed placement is crucial to increasing plant-out rates; as much as 5%. Indications are that shoveling reduces plant out rates 1%. Blackmore’s NXT design prevents a “wall” of soil on the edges of plug tray cells that can wash back over smaller seeds affecting seed emergence and therefore reducing plant-out rates. What is 5%-6% of your seed bill for your smaller seeds? The R/D NXT could pay for itself very quickly.

    Larger seeds such as marigolds, dahlias, zinnia, cosmos, etc require a larger landing zone, particularly when being sown into smaller cell trays. The marigold R/D NXT compresses the entire soil surface of the plug cell, resulting in a maximized LZ that also gets the seeds halfway into the cell to facilitate effective topcoating and a better end result.

    One fact is without dispute; what is really expensive is poor quality or dead seedlings. It costs the same money to grow a plug cell whether or not it contains a viable seedling. Therefore, it is well worth your while to investigate any method/device that increases or has the potential to increase your plant out rate. Then calculate how quickly it will pay for itself. A little money spent now may save/return you a lot later.

    The Blackmore Roller/Dibbler fits on Blackmore Cylinder, Turbo and Needle seeders, and is easily fitted to brand X seeders as well. It may even be used manually, like a rolling pin, for use on older Blackmore gear model or other seeders. Click here for more information on the Blackmore Roller/Dibbler


    • Mounts easily on the Blackmore cylinder and turbo/needle model seeders (support plate required for turbo/needle application).
    • Adapts to most automatic seeders.
    • NEW! NXT design prevents soil shoveling
    • Available for Blackmore or brand "X" trays

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