The NEW Blackmore Manual Dribbler
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Dribbler with Wiper - Flyer (pdf) <> Manual Dribbler with Wiper - Flyer (pdf)

Blackmore’s newest DRIBBLER is a manually operated model; a lower cost version of the exclusive Blackmore machine designed to cleanly drill dibble holes in Ellepots, loose-fill trays, baskets, combos or color-bowls so plugs or smaller Ellepots may be quickly and easily planted.

The special drills lift the media from the Ellepot or container and the unique wiper removes the residue “cone” of media. The result is a “clean” dibble hole the correct size and depth so plants are quickly and simply dropped into position at the precise location/spacing required.

Making sure plugs are planted in the correct spot and to the correct depth has never been so easy. Simply drop them in the dribbler holes!

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