The NEW Blackmore Dribbler for Ellepots
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The Blackmore DRIBBLER has interchangeable plates for sticking, dibbling or drilling Ellepots™

There is also a “universal” plate that allows “drills” to be repositioned for drilling loose-fill baskets, combination planters, etc.  

Plant spacing and depth are uniform for less stress, a better quality crop and quicker turn.  And your planting line runs faster with fewer people as plants are simply dropped into the pre-drilled holes.

The NEW and unique Blackmore DRIBBLER makes it easy to prepare Ellepots™ for sticking, dibbling or drilling. The sticking head makes a small hole to facilitate insertion of soft cuttings into Ellepots™, if necessary.  The dibble head makes a larger hole for transplanting from smaller trays and Punch ‘n Gro™ trays such as the 324 or 432 PNG™. 

The drilling head makes oversize holes to accommodate Ellepots™ for larger Step-Up sizes such as the 162, or 105.  The machine runs on 120 VAC.  Changing from the sticking head to the dibble or drill head takes just a minute or two.  The machine is engineered to couple with the Blackmore power conveyor, but may be operated without a conveyor as well.

Contact Blackmore or your Ball Seed representative for more information.

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