Blackmore Company Cylinder Seeders (Watch Movie)

The last seeder you’ll ever need to buy! (See Flyer)

Cylinder Seeder for Field Crops
(See Flyer)

The fastest seeders in the world...even when they are not sowing seed!

Make ordinary drum seeders obsolete!

Exclusive 4 option cylinder head makes seed, and even tray changes as fast as “clicking” to another setting

5 second orifice/hole size changes
20 second seed changes
Click to another tray size without hardware changes
Change to another cylinder head in a minute
Double sow with either double holes or with 2X setting

Accurate, fast (1200+ trays/hr). Sow any seed from raw petunia to squash. Sows from small or large seed inventory.

The Stretch PLC version is our most popular model, designed to run inline and interface with the Blackmore Perfection Tray filler and WaterAll conveyor. Used by all the major plug growers in the USA and Canada, this machine is very user friendly, production proven and definitely the premier high-volume machine on the market.


Conveyor Length: 12' 6" (feet) [3.8 m]
Overall Length: 12' 7" (feet) [8.848 m]
Overall Width: 3' (feet) [0.941 m]
Conveyor Belt Width: 13" (inches) [0.33 m]
Hopper Height: 5' 7" (feet) [1.7 m]

Utility requirements
200-220 VAC Single phase
20-30 amps

Air supply
Air compressor required - 20 psi (140 kilopascal), 5 cfm  (140 litres/minute)

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