Blackmore Company "Can-Duit" Seeder

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Introducing the Blackmore seeder that permits even smaller greenhouses to take advantage of Blackmore's needle manifold technology.

Now anyone can
easily and accurately sow plug trays or flats with the Blackmore CAN-DUIT SEEDER!

The "Startup Kit" includes everything you need to begin operation!
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Throw your "cookie sheet" plate seeder away.
This machine is simple and easy to use, even for odd shaped seed.

Blackmore Company, the world leader in seed sowing technology, has incorporated needles and other features from their automatic seeders into this quality hand-held seeder.

The CAN-DUIT seeder is ideal for smaller greenhouses and researchers. Expect to sow a tray in one or two minutes depending on the seed. It sure beats a pair of tweezers!

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Startup Kit includes everything you need to begin operation...
  • Manifold bar with up to 16 adapters (Extra charge for more than 16)
  • For example, Blackmore 512 deep. Please specify tray, and tray manufacturer to be sown
  • Three (3) types of needles (pkg of 20 each)
  • Cleaning wire
  • Vacuum pump/Air compressor with hose, adjusting valves, and 3-way valve
  • Seed tray
Simple operation anyone "can-duit"
Inexpensive ideal for even smaller operations
Self-contained everything included for startup operation, just add seed, soil and plug trays
Accurate utilizes proven Blackmore needle technology
Stainless steel Lock-on needles long life with positive lock-on design
Positive air for seed blow-off and tip cleaning keeps tip clean for more accurate operation
Foot pedal valve permits two hand operation
Vacuum/pressure gauge permits calibration and adjustments for different seed
Double tube design seeder can be placed on a table without knocking off the seed
Lightweight and well balanced center hand hold makes alignment with plug cells easy
High quality components, rugged construction for long life and trouble free operation
It's a Blackmore with service backed by Blackmore, the leader in seed sowing and plug production technology, you know you are buying the best
raw petunia, primula
geranium, pepper, marigolds
pepper, marigolds, dahlia
dahlia, zinnia
sprengeri, cucumber, melons
large pellets
* We find that the Red, Blue and Purple needles have the widest application for most bedding plant seeds. If you wish to sow extra large seed such as watermelon or cucumber, the green needle is recommended. An optional larger vacuum pump may be required.

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